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 911 - Emergency Use Only
The Rochelle Park Police Department would like to advise all residents concerning the proper use of the 911 Emergency System. About 50% of 911 calls received are classified as non-emergency calls. When non-emergency calls tie up 911 lines, real emergency calls may not be able to get through. This creates a danger because response time is critical in an emergency. The Rochelle Park police communications desk at (201) 843-1515 is staffed 24 hours a day. Calls of a business, non-emergency, or even an emergency nature may be made to this number.
Some examples of when to use 911 include the following:
  • When a life is in danger
  • When you see a fire
  • When a crime is being committed
  • When Police, Fire, or an Ambulance is needed IMMEDIATELY


When calling 911, please:
  • Remain calm
  • Give the location of the emergency
  • Explain the type of emergency
  • DONíT hang up until the dispatcher tells you to do so


The guidelines for 911 use are important. The Police, Fire, and Ambulance are there to insure our safety and to prevent disasters. Following the guidelines will help us serve the community better during emergencies.

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