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Keep Your Home Safe When on Vacation

If you are going on vacation or will be away from home for a few days, keep in mind the following home safety tips:
  • Notify the police department that your house will be vacant for the duration of your vacation
  • Stop deliveries of mail or newspapers, or ask a friend to pick up deliveries while you are gone
  • Arrange to have the lawn mowed
  • Give your house a lived-in appearance
  • Put automatic timers on several lights and a radio. Set the timers so they will turn on and off at random times in different rooms
  • Do not leave notes indicating your absence
  • Shut and lock your garage door. An open garage door absent a car is an invitation to a burglar
  • Keep jewelry and other valuables in places other than the master bedroom. This is the first place a burglar looks
  • Have a neighbor park his/her car in your driveway
  • Ask a neighbor to use and put out your garbage cans
  • Secure all valuables
  • If, upon your return, you see signs of a burglary, do not enter your home; call the police from the nearest phone
  • Install an alarm system



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