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Snow Shoveling

Residents and property owners are reminded of their obligation to keep sidewalks adjoining their property free of snow and ice, so that the sidewalks may be used to safeguard pedestrians and schoolchildren. Wait at least eight hours after the snow stops falling before shoveling the sidewalks so that snow plows do not throw the snow back onto cleared walks.
Arrange for your sidewalk to be shoveled if you plan a trip during the winter, much like you would schedule your lawn to be cut in the summer. This is not only necessary for pedestrian safety, but it may deter potential burglars if the house looks lived in.
In accordance with township ordinance, sidewalks shall be kept free of snow and ice. The Police Department enforces this ordinance.
Some winters may prove to be quite burdensome for property owners, but the safety of pedestrians and, most especially, children walking to school must be our paramount consideration.

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